Wooden Office Towers in Halifax–Coming Soon… ?

by steve on August 2, 2013

Cross laminated timber buidling

Can you imagine an office building or condominium in Halifax, Nova Scotia built out of wood? My guess is probably not. Like me, when you think of wooden structures, most likely you think of a house.

So who in their right mind would even think of building an office tower out of wood? Believe it or not, right now there’s a growing interest in green building and part of this movement is to create more sustainable structures like 10-12 storey offices out of wood. It’s called cross-laminated timber; essentially very strong layers of plywood stacked in criss-cross patterns.

It’s also much more sustainable than concrete and other carbon-heavy building products. For one, wood absorbs carbon. Concrete does not.

But getting the real estate industry on board with the idea is a bit of a challenge right now. Cross-laminated timber is not yet made in Nova Scotia. The demand simply isn’t here yet. And that’s not the only hurdle: builders here need to be trained how to make tall buildings out of wood.

However, in the meantime there are some optimistic builders and architects forsee wooden buildings in Canadian cities. Read this interesting article in the ChronicleHerald about one such architect with a vision for a wooden sky here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Photo credit: naturallywood.com

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