Blogging & Twittering in the Real Estate Universe?

by steve on April 6, 2012

Blog 4……already falling behind and this is only day 4. Yesterday things got busy and my child, ‘Bloggie‘,   fell by the wayside. Poor little fellow! So now I have to pick him up and dust him off….set him on his feet again, and send him back to internet success school.

Struggling to master this new universe of social media I realize I have questions. When “Bloggie‘  gets back from school I will not be able to help him with his homework. My  dear little daughter, “Tweetie”  came over this morning, and thinking she could set me straight I asked her if she understood herself yet. She is 35. She did not. Come to think of it self knowledge does take time. I must be more patient with her. Then I thought I should connect with my friend Waylon whose website, ELEPHANT JOURNAL  gets over a MILLION unique visitors a month. Surely he will educate me, and then it will be ” look out world”, as my children  Bloggie or Tweetie go viral without even getting sick. That will be something  to watch.

Oh well back to the meat and potatoes of  the real estate market in Halifax & the World.  The Province of Nova Scotia is a very interesting place from many perspectives. When I first arrived here in 1989  I heard a story about some Americans who were befuddled as to what country they were in when they arrived to stay at a friend’s hotel. Of course we all know about Americans notoriously egocentric view of the world outside, so I guess the question as to whether we acceped Canadian dollars was not that far fetched. Nova Scotia is “off the beaten track”  from the world perspective. Twas more so in 1989, and is less so now, as my kids B & T will tell you.

In my personal experience (over the last 23 years) the real estate market in Halifax, Nova Scotia has remained one of the most stable real estate markets in the world from a VALUE perspective.  We have been spared the speculative excesses of larger metropolitan areas in Canada and the USA.  When set against the rip roaring criminality of the Wall Street establishment, the monopolistic and conservative Canadian banking industry turned out to be a boon for Nova Scotia & Canada 🙂 This unintentended and partly geographic success, is why Nova Scotia is starting to be noticed more in the world, and why  the trickle of outside investment and immigration activity could begin increasing further. Further economic stability  provided by a recently awarded  multi billion dollar federal shipbuilding contract……We have a lot to offer.  Excessive growth with boom, bust and environmental degradation or a  stable, sustainable platform for our grandkids. You make the choice! Viva the latter!

Today’s “condo pick”  is a nice little in-fill condo  project in Halifax I like! ENJOY


May Street Condos by Norman Flynn Design



Tweetie will be proud  of me today. Now we have beautiful floating social media icons. I got Bloggie to share for a change! AND finally here is today’s Real Estate Energetics link of the day for your contamplation.  Night Night Bloggie and Tweetie.

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