Renting Out A Condo In Halifax (What Not To Do)

by steve on July 26, 2013

furnished condo for rentAh, condo rentals in Nova Scotia! It’s the dream of many a property owner here in Halifax, Bedford, and Dartmouth.

Can’t say I blame them. With the Halifax region’s beautiful ocean views, vibrant city life, and the rise of new condominiums developments, getting a hold of one with the hopes of turning it into a rental property is an attractive idea.

Especially if that condo is furnished. But unless you build the cost of furnishings and design into your budget, you could end up with a condo that looks more like a cabin full of hand-me-downs. And not in a good way either.

You’ve got to ask yourself, “if I were the tenant here, would I be happy with this musty old couch and cheap knick knacks?”

Yes, there’s more to it than just throwing together some old furniture, a lick of paint, and hanging a picture or two. You’ve got to stage it properly. And doing so means stepping into the mind of who’s going to be living there. Make sure you give it some good thought. Treat it like a business and envision your ideal client, or tenant in this case. Who are they? Where do they shop? What kind of things do they like? The more you can furnish your condo to the tastes and whims of your ideal tenant, the more apt you’ll be to rent it out and get the best price.

Have a look at this handy article from the National Post full of great do’s and don’t’s about furnishing a condo for rent.

p.s. These tips don’t just apply to renting condos. Use them when staging a house for rent too!

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