World’s (Soon To Be) Tallest Building Also One of the Greenest

by steve on August 4, 2013

Soon to be world's tallest building

“It is more than the world’s tallest building, but also an exploration on the healthiest way of living and the energy saving, land-saving and material saving building.” – Broad Sustainable Building (BSB)

In China ground has been broken to build Sky City, the world’s tallest structure–a staggering 202 floors at 838 metres. Folks, that’s 285 metres taller than the CN tower.

Size aside, what makes Sky City so impressive is the way it packs such density into its design, infrastructure, and effect on the environment. Jammed into this one property will be residences, offices, schools, shopping, a hospital, recreational facilities, and even gardens and green space.

Sky City, literally, will be a city in itself.

Also, the project represents a shift in sustainable living: what would normally displace kilometres of land for housing, cars and parking is compacted into a area of real estate a fraction that size. Oh and one more thing: the building will be entirely prefabricated–constructed offsite in piece-by-piece fashion.

Read more about this thrilling, controversial green building at

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