A Cool Solution for Hot Halifax Homes

by steve on July 16, 2013

Spray foam insulation

It’s another hot week in Halifax. And it’s times like this that air conditioners are wonderful to have. Especially for those with respiratory and other health problems.

But did you know that unless your house is properly insulated, your air conditioner isn’t just working harder and costing you more? That cool air you’ve paid for is finding ways to escape into your walls and out of your house. And not only that, the warmth of the outdoors is sneaking in.

So what can you do? Spray foam insulation. By filling the cracks and cavities of your home’s walls, you can eliminate all the nooks and crannies where cooled air hides. (Same for heat in the winter by the way.)

Have a look at this article from Energy Manager. Spray foam insulation is a great solution to sustainable living. Plus, should you ever sell, your investment will make an attractive selling feature for your house.

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Photo credit: Green Energy Futures via flickr


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