Emergency Preparedness for the Suburban Home – Affordable Ideas for Redundancy and Resilience

by steve on March 8, 2013


Even if you cannot make this event..perhaps you are buried in a snowdrift in the Mid-West, or living happily in the Colorado Rockies and have no wish to fly up to Nova Scotia this Saturday I highly recommend that you find an organize an event like this for the protection of you homes, friends and families in these uncertain atmospheric times!

Zombies are coming



Emergency Preparedness for the Suburban HomeAffordable Ideas for Redundancy and Resilience

March 9, Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm, Tantallon Public Library, St Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

This one day workshop will discuss examples of why home preparedness is a timely topic, and provide practical suggestions and ideas on making your home a ‘safe harbour’ for yourselves and your neighbours in any disaster or prolonged disruption of basis necessities. Representatives from the Red Cross Disaster Management Program, the NS/HRM Joint Emergency Management office and other organizations will be present, promising lively discussion and an informative day. Information tables will be set up offering a wide range of information.The workshop will begin with a discussion about the global status of the “3-E’s” – the Economy, Energy and the Environment. On a global scale, each “E” is changing quickly and each significantly affects the other two. For example, it is becoming widely recognized that climate change is manifesting as more dramatic weather events, such as the recent Hurricane Sandy.

In addition to preparedness for storms and other weather related events, there will be discussion about preparedness for other potential disruptions that could occur in our increasingly fragile global society. These include possible regional electrical grid problems, shortages of liquid fuels, global financial events with the potential for bank ‘holidays’ and other broader scale potentialities in our modern age.Discussion during the workshop will focus not only on preparedness and resilience for the individual home, but also on neighborhood and local community preparedness which could include co-ordination or comfort centres, community status reporters, neighborhood asset inventories and use of social media tools for communication. Attendance is recommended for both home owners and community organizations.

Beverages provided, please bring a lunch. March 9, Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm, Tantallon Public Library, 3646 Hammonds Plains Road (Hubley Centre)

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