Almost Half all Canada’s Boomers out of touch with housing trends!

by steve on March 1, 2013

I had to laugh when I saw Bertrand Marotte’s article in Canada’s Globe & Mail issue on February 26th.

The article quotes a  new Royal LePage Real Estate survey that  found that  ” the suburban dream is alive and well” and that “close to half of baby boomers – 43.5 per cent –  are planning to move to another primary residence”  and are  “seeking a home that is just as big or bigger than their current property. That goes against the perception that the boomer generation would create an oversupply of single-family homes as they move into smaller residences.”

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Are you kidding? I laughed because the first thought I had was that half all baby boomers are crazy! Well good luck to them I say. They will certainly need it because, according to the report, the kids  have refused to leave home! The report states that “a major factor in the desire to continue living in large, suburban homes is the fact that offspring are increasingly staying at home well into adulthood.”  This survey, like many others, conveniently overlooks or avoids the obvious fact that  they are staying  in the oversized-status-symbol- home because they cannot find a job!!!!

So maybe the title of this post is incorrect. Maybe they are in touch with housing trends,  but their kids are driving them crazy because  the boomers are unable to downsize to a more eco-sensible, sustainable, energy efficient and simpler habitation next to their old friends from 1972:)

Speaking as an aging baby boomer Realtor who is currently renting a home from his kids in beautiful Creighton Park, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia , Canada, ( and who not-so-secretly desires a small home in the country where I  can throw pots, and tinker with the solar array on the roof)  you can still call and ask me  for advice!

Here for your “realestateedification” is a link to the article. You be the judge, and your comments are welcome!


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